About Bruce Beaton

Bruce played his first ever football game at the age of twenty and went on to an outstanding career at Acadia University (BA (hon) MA) and in the CFL and XFL. Bruce won 2 Grey Cup championships, was a seven time all star and was named to the Edmonton Eskimos All Century team.

Bruce has been influenced by over 40 coaches at the professional level and by countless terrific teammates. A voracious reader, Bruce has also been influenced by the hundreds of leadership books, sports and leadership biographies, and personal and business development books he has read in the last 20 years.

Bruce’s core belief is that if you have a vision, dream or goal you are passionate about, and you’re willing to grind it out day by day and do the hard work necessary to bring that dream into reality, you will eventually succeed.

In the meantime the process will forge your character, and you will become someone worthy of achievement and success.

Advice for Athletes in Pursuit of Excellence Audio

Bruce is the author of Little Athletes Big Leaders, Enduring Principles of Leadership, The Leadership Through Sport Winners Manual, as well as audio CD’s such as How The Greatest Coaches Lead and How Stars are Made.

Bruce can be reached for a leadership speech or presentation at bruce@leadershipthroughsport.ca or call (902) 365 3137.